July 2017

On the Road . . .


How many quilt shows will you visit this summer? My summer show schedule began with Quilt Canada in Toronto followed by the Shipshewana Quilt Fest in northern Indiana. Besides giving SCHMETZ needle classes at both events, I love meeting new friends, sampling regional foods and being in a state of awe over the creativity exhibited by quilters.

Sometimes I think I would like to quilt and create full time, I certainly have enough design ideas, then I realize a huge bonus to my job allows me to travel and meet you in locales near and far.

Our quilt and sewing world is pretty special. My hope for you this summer is to explore a new quilt show and meet new friends. We can start the power quilting & sewing later when the weather turns to extremes.

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Laura Coia, SewVeryEasy, and Rhonda at

Quilt Canada June 2017 Toronto.



Summer Camp

Kids are sewing this summer. And they want freebies! Give them the Let's Sew with SCHMETZ! booklet. It's fun, colorful & informative. It has a $1.95 retail price, but is free from your local retailer.




SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #43


Store owners, are you looking to freshen up your digital profile? Get this monthly e-zine two months prior to the general public for embedding into your website and newsletters. SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW is written with YOU in mind to support products already selling in your store. Plus, there is one page of SCHMETZ needle education that your staff and customers can use. Current enrolled shops have already received issues through #43. Issue #44 will email to enrolled shop owners in late July. Enroll today! This is a monthly publication . . . and it's free! Just email your request to customerservice@euronotions.com.



SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #41

Archived now at http://www.schmetzneedles.com.


In less than five years, Terial Magic is rocking our fabric stashes. Originally used for creating fabric flowers, Terial Magic stitches onward into the realms of machine embroidery, die cutting, quilting, applique, thread painting, fashion sewing and more. Terry McFeely is the inventor of Terial Magic. She was first tasked with creating flowers for her daughter's wedding and along the way developed a revolutionary product with new applications still unrevealed. Have fun reading about Terry's world of discovery and passion. Enjoy! Click Here!


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SCHMETZ Needle Fact - Copy & Paste into Your Own Newsletter or Blog!


That's not just a little piece of steel making your machine stitches. German engineering designs, calculates, tests and inspects the SCHMETZ needle. Take for instance the eye, did you know that needles have different eye shapes?



The most popular needle, the Universal, has an eye that is 40% the width of the blade. Really! There are three other needles with larger eyes, the Embroidery and even more pronounced is the elongated eye of the Metallic and Topstitch needles.

Now what does a larger eye mean? There is less friction on the thread as it passes through the eye. Ever sew with a thread that breaks or tends to shred? Guess what, use a needle with a larger eye. If you have old thread or maybe a poor quality thread, use a needle with a larger eye. The thread and needle work hard and fast. Help them out when you can with a larger eye.



Remember . . .


Change YOUR Needle!


- The needle is meant to be changed -

- The needle gets dull from use -

- The needle is NOT a permanent machine part -


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SCHMETZ YouTube Videos


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Wondering which needle to use? Wonder no more because there's an App for that! That's right ... and it's free! Available for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

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SCHMETZ needles are easy to identify! Most needles have two bands of color - the top band to identify needle type and the lower band to identify size. The Universal needle has just one band of color for size. Yahoo!


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Baby Lock Tech

August 26-31, 2017

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EE Schenck Trends*

September 2017

Portland OR 

Chicago Quilt Guild

October 4, 2017

Chicago IL

International Quilt Market

October 27-30, 2017

Houston TX


February 22-25, 2018

Pasadena CA

Sewing & Stitchery Expo

March 1-4, 2018

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