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Thank you for reading SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW! We hit a milestone. Thirty-six (36) monthly issues have been published! What started out as a fun idea really blossomed into a digital product that not only supports the SCHMETZ product line, but also features sewing stars and events that are relevant to our creative sewing world.


Rita Farro nails the research and excels at writing each feature and Paul Ragas does magic with graphics and distribution. Together, we get giddy deciding on features while technology progresses making my dream come true of sharing our wonderful world of sewing.


Go back to take a look at the back issues. Everybody has their own creative journey and I am so very pleased to share them through SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW.
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SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #35

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Computers are integrated into our lives, just like driving cars. We use, trust, and yes, rely on our computers. Imagine computers in the late 20th century ... 1991. Now imagine a math whiz meeting up with an art curator. Through collaboration and moxie, Dean Neumann and Penny McMorris had a vision that rocks our creative world today ... Electric Quilt. Without a doubt, Electric Quilt created a growing niche with a loyal following. Electric Quilt escorted designers into the 21st century. Congratulations Dean and Penny for your powerful contributions to our colorful quilt world! Enjoy! Click Here!

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SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW?


Issue 34

Pam Damour

Issue 33

Fabric Panels

SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #32 - Joyce Hughes

Issue 32

Joyce Hughes




SCHMETZ Chrome Professional Grade Needles


Thanks, Jane, for the testimonial! Jane is the owner of Daffodil Quilts & Fibers.




"The following statement and pic comes from Trisha, one of my customers, who is a bag maker and had problems with needle breakage. I sold her the new SCHMETZ Chrome Quilting Needles 90/14 and as you can see she is thrilled with them! In fact, she stopped by the other day to buy more because she doesn't want to ever run out!


'Just had to share how amazing those SCHMETZ Chrome needles are. Sewing on the straps with five layers of duck canvas, one layer of Shape-Flex and one Soft & Stable layer WITHOUT any issues! Thank you!'"



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What needle should be used for quilting?
One choice is the Quilting Needle. This needle has a thin tapered point
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point helps eliminate skipped stitches and promotes even stitches.

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Lazy Girl Designs Prezzies




Need a gift idea? Joan Hawley, Lazy Girl Designs does it again! Love this clever & quick gift project. Really, this is a gift wrap and a present itself. Purchase the pattern at Your Local Shop.




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SCHMETZ needles are easy to identify! Most needles have two bands of color - the top band to identify needle type and the lower band to identify size. The Universal needle has just one band of color for size. Yahoo!


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February 12-14, 2017

Las Vegas NV

QuiltCon East

February 23-26, 2017

Savannah GA

Fabric Depot*

February 28, 2017

Portland OR

Sewing & Stitchery Expo*

March 2-5, 2017

Puyallup WA 

International Quilt Market

May 19-21, 2017

St. Louis MO

Shipshewana Quilt Festival Schoolhouse*

June 21-24, 2017

Shipshewana IN

Baby Lock Tech

August 26-31, 2017

St. Louis MO 


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