December 2016

On the Road . . .


Thank you for a marvelous year! My travel on behalf of SCHMETZ and Euro-notions has come to a close for the year. Don't know how many miles I logged, but know my luggage is worn out. I thrive on meeting you! As we meet, I am always in awe of your creativity, workmanship and the stories you share.


This year we introduced the exciting line of SCHMETZ Chrome Professional Grade needles, SCHMETZ Scissors, IRIS Quilting Pins and due to your insistance, reintroduced the SCHMETZ "Super" Needle (Does your sewing room have one?). New products take time and sometimes years before they are market ready, so stay tuned for a few new goodies from SCHMETZ and Grabbit Sewing Tools.


Thank you for your love of sewing and for being a loyal SCHMETZ fan. YOU inspire and energize me! Merry Christmas!
Sew SCHMETZ & Grabbit Too!

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Rhonda Pierce holding custom made SCHMETZ sewing box.

Laura Coia made this custom SCHMETZ organizer with a Grabbit MyPad. I love it! Thanks Laura! You will soon meet Laura in SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #36. If you can't wait, visit






#1705 IRIS

Multi-Colored Head Pins

1" Pins

IRIS Pins are popular with dressmakers. They are now available for quilters with an easy to grip multi-color head. 1" long plastic head steel pin with super sharp point. 250 pins in the famous Klik-Klap tin.


Retail: $10.95

Item: #1705

Purchase from Your Local Quilt Shop.


Christmas Ornaments


Lazy Girl Designs Gifty Card Holdeers


Lazy Girl Designs

Gifty Card Holders

Joan Hawley, Lazy Girl Designs, is so clever with her designs. The cute & quick gift card holders are addictive to make just in time for Christmas. Fuse a little. Cut a little. Sew a little. Sweet gifts that are keepers!

Purchase at Your Local Shop!


SCHMETZ Scissors Review

by Rebecca Kemp Brent

SCHMETZ Scissors

As notions go, quality scissors are often a big investment. They need to work easily and well and last a long time. What should you consider when choosing a new pair of scissors?

Comfort. Do the scissors feel good when you hold them? Are they easy for you to open and close? Do you feel in control of the scissors' action . . . . Click HERE to read the rest of the article.


SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #34 - Pam Damour





SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #34

Archived now at


Pam Damour, the Decorating Diva, is one of the busiest speakers on the sewing circuit. Pam knows every home dec tip and technique in the trade. Her knowledge base and hands-on experience are extensive. She writes books, creates patterns, and develops classes and topics for trade shows, consumer shows, sewing guilds and stores. She travels extensively, and by her own estimation, she is only home about one weekend a month. Pam's teaching schedule is fierce, but she has found a happy balance. Enjoy! Click Here!


SCHMETZ "SUPER" Needle - Order Now




Great for class demonstrations and in-store display. Large-scale household needle is eleven times the size of a regular home sewing needle. Structurally correct to show the details that make each SCHMETZ needle an engineering marvel and a sewing room essential!

Retail: $99.95



Item: #SCH-N

Order from Your Local Dealer



Are You Familiar with the Talent and Products in these Back Issues?

Check Out SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW archives.


SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW?


SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #33 - Fabric Panels

Issue 33

Fabric Panels

SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #32 - Joyce Hughes

Issue 32

Joyce Hughes

SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #31 - Loralie Harris

Issue 31

Loralie Harris


SCHMETZ Needle Fact - Copy & Paste into Your Own Newsletter or Blog!

SCHMETZ Chrome Needles

SCHMETZ Chrome Professional Grade needles resist heat and wear. Eight needle types in a variety of sizes are available in a total of 23 best-selling needles. If you work with sticky stabilizers or adhesives, these needles will stay cool longer so there is less gummy build-up on your needles. If you are a power quilter, stitch maven, or embroidery lover, these needles will keep up with your demands. SCHMETZ Chrome is a great way to support your local quilt/fabric shop and machine dealers as these premium needles will not be found in the big box stores.


SCHMETZ App - Android/Apple Versions

SCHMETZ App - Apple Store SCHMETZ App - Google Store

Wondering which needle to use? Wonder no more because there's an App for that! That's right ... and it's free! Available for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

SCHMETZ Color Code Chart


SCHMETZ needles are easy to identify! Most needles have two bands of color - the top band to identify needle type and the lower band to identify size. The Universal needle has just one band of color for size. Yahoo!


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