December 2015

Thank You


In this season of grace, says thank you for your business. There is more to sew business than just our popular SCHMETZ needles and Grabbits. It's the relationship with our distributors, the shops and machine dealers, designers, educators, media, guilds and YOU, our sewing public that sew for the love of sewing. And let's not forget my terrific colleagues who are the best! They do have to endure my quirks. There are a whole lot of people that contribute to the vast circle of sewing and on behalf of SCHMETZ and Grabbit Sewing Tools, I say thank you.

Sew SCHMETZ & Grabbit Too!

Rhonda Pierce
Marketing Director
699 Executive Drive

Willowbook, IL  60527

Rhonda's making a new winter coat.
Chinchilla Faux Fur, Shannon Fabrics



The holiday season is upon us. Gift ideas don't have to be complicated. Below are a few great ideas that anyone that sews or quilts can use. Grab them right now at your local shop.

SCHMETZ Scissors - Ice tempered stainless steel blades cut with precision.

Sew Essentials Combo Value Pack - Are you giving or receiving a new sewing machine for Christmas? This SCHMETZ needle and Grabbit Magnetic Pincushion pack will get everyone sewing in no time. Plus inside is a 5.5" x 9" SCHMETZ Color Chart, perfect for hanging in every sewing room.

Grabbit Magnetic Pincushions and Grabbit BobbinSavers are popular for a reason. They work! Plus they are available in fun colors. BobbinSavers are also available for "M" Class and Jumbo bobbins.

Freebie! SCHMETZ Videos - Learning needle basics - from how to thread the needle to how to read the needle package - can make a big difference between frustration and successful sewing. Share the SCHMETZ videos with someone who has received a new sewing machine. Click Here.


Classic Sewing is available now. This beautiful quarterly magazine, published by Hoffman Media, is a collectable with a bonus full paper pattern. Find the premier issue in your local shop. Whether sewing for special moments or just for fun, the photography and projects will inspire beautiful classic sewing. $24.95 retail.





What do you do with those slightly used needles . . . especially those needles without the identifiable color bands? The felt Grabbit myPad makes organization easy with labeled cells by needle types and sizes. Place a myPad at each sewing machine. $11.95 Retail





SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #22


Brenda Miller is owner and pattern designer of Among Brenda's Quilts. Brenda's popular and well written patterns are found in shops and as class projects across North America. Brenda has a strong following that loves to share pics of their finished projects. Learn how Brenda opened a seemingly spam looking email that continues to open quilting opportunities in the burgeoning Chinese market. Brenda's quest for quilting in China is beyond a dream come true. Enjoy . . .  Click Here!



SCHMETZ Hemstitch Needles

The Hemstitch needle is an odd looking needle. It has two little wings on each side of the needle. This needle is commonly used on light to medium weight loosely woven fabrics found in heirloom sewing and decorative cutwork. Multi-media quilters also like the unique stitch. This needle is wide, so make sure to switch out the single hole foot. By the way, the Hemstitch needle is also known as a Wing needle. Available in sizes 100/16 (#1772), 120/19 (#1787) and a Twin (#1773).

The Twin version is actually a combination of two different needles mounted on a cross-bar on a single shank: a Universal needle and a Hemstitch with a 2.5mm separation between the two needles.




Issue 21

Angela Clayton

Issue 20

Shannon Fabrics

Issue 19

Kay Whitt


Have you seen these back issues of SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW?

SCHMETZ App - Version 1.2.1

Wondering which needle to use? Wonder no more because there's an App for that! That's right ... and it's free! CLICK HERE to download the most recent version (1.2.1).


At last ... easy to identify SCHMETZ needles! Most needles now have two bands of color - the top band to identify needle type and the lower band to identify size. The Universal needle has just one band of color for size. Yahoo!


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