December                                               2018


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Last week I met up with friends, Rita Farro, Mary Mulari & Deanna Springer, at a country retreat in Iowa. We each sew throughout the year, but six days dedicated to sewing without the hassles of meal prep, home obligations and daily agitations, truly turned into a sewing paradise ... with snow. We were snowed in for two days, thankfully with electricity. We each had independent sewing projects, some that you will see next year as new patterns or new clothes for trade and consumer shows. The cool thing is that we also made gifts for each other. With five sewing machines, two sergers, three ironing stations and a cutting table, we worked at our own pace, until meals were served and the yoga instructor insisted we stretch.

Anytime is a great time to sew with friends. Just set a time and place and let the machines hum. With all the sewing and talking among friends, you just might find that as a bonus you hit the "reset" button. Let's sew!

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Clockwise from top left:  Rita Farro, Mary Mulari, and Deanna Springer with Impwear Bags for wet swimsuits; We tattooed Sister Margaret, our retreat host. After hearing our hijinx stories, we had too!; My favorite sewing project needs a button and handwork; Mary made her Crisscross Apron Pattern for Rita; and Deanna made original wall hangings.

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SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #59

Pieced Together - Julianne Donofrio

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Looking for an inspired story? Recently, Rita Farro & I met award-winning documentary film producer Julianne Donofrio at The Iowa Quilt Museum. Julianne is delightful, thoughtful and has captured a wonderful true story about those quilt blocks we see on country barns. Pieced Together is about barn quilts, but the underlying story is about the foundational love and respect between mother and daughter, breast cancer, life after job loss and an enterprising idea. Watch for Pieced Together playing at guilds and sewing & quilting events. You will want to grab your quilt and non-quilty friends to watch this stirring film trace the clothesline across America, Canada and beyond. Click HERE.

SCHMETZ Needle Fact - Copy & Paste into Your Own Newsletter or Blog!

Needle System 130/705 H



Needle Systems

130/705 H
Home sewing machines require a flat shank needle with a scarf. All needles in this system have a scarf and flattened shank for perfect positioning in the needle bar in relation to the hook.

15x1 H
Cross reference to 130/705 H.


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Nancy Zieman Productions for Clover

The Ultimate Quilt 'n Stitch Pressor Foot

The "go to" foot for parallel rows of stitching and quilting. Set the sliding gauge from 3/8" to 3". The measurement clicks and stays in place for even stitching. The smooth moving foot has a 1/4" seam allowance.

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Creating Art Quilts with Panels

by Joyce Hughes

Joyce Hughes, featured in SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #32, has her first book! Learn thread painting and embellishing techniques that turn ordinary premade fabric panels into beautiful works of art. Yes, YOU can do this too!

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BobbinSaver2, fondly known as the "Square" Cousin of the original BobbinSaver, has the following features:

- For regular household sewing machine bobbins.
- Holds up to 66 plastic or metal bobbins.
- Measures 5.25" x 5.5" x .75".
- Made of red pliable plastic.

Bobbins not included.

Item #: BS2

Retail: $11.95 each

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Limited Edition Black Grabbit

The perfect holiday gift for sewing enthusiasts and others. A great tool for sewing rooms, offices, work benches, etc.

Round magnetic pin holder with 50 Grabbit steel sewing pins. Limited black color is available while supplies last.


Item #: GB-BLACK

Retail: $13.95 each

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