December 2017

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Thanks for using SCHMETZ and Grabbit Sewing Tool products! Before I write one word, I have a feeling this is my 2017 love letter to you. Let me explain. YOU have opened my eyes to the vast creative world. When we meet at sewing shows and in my SCHMETZ classrooms, YOU show a desire to learn. When we chat, I see that spark in your eye and feel your creative spirit. When I view your creations, I am awestruck by your ingenuity. YOU inspire me! You inspire me to create . . . to take care of myself, to push myself a little harder ... to reach further. So a big thank you and a hug for everything you do for me!

I hope our paths cross again in the new year, so until then, I'll see you on Facebook.
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Spokesperson,, Marketing Director

Euro-notions, 699 Executive Drive, Willowbrook IL 60527


Rita & Rhonda Reset II at WeightCrafters, Madeira Beach FL. Thanks for inspiring me to better health. Yes, I have a lot more contributions to make to our world of stitches!

Thanks for reading SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW!


SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #47


Michelle Paganini, Luveta Nickels,

Mary Mulari, Gail Yellen


For generations, women who sew have been recycling. They start with one thing and, with their sewing skills and imagination a transformation results into a completely different thing. The four women featured in this issue are as different as the things they choose to recycle . . . but what they share is the desire to give new life . . . transforming the ordinary and familiar into something extraordinary.




SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #46

Val Sjoblom


Sometimes you take a great pic and just want to keep it close rather than hidden in a scrap book or in that digital cloud high up in the sky. So began our quest for transferring pics on quilts. Meet Val Sjoblom, answer to our photo transfer quests and an inspiration in entrepreneurship and ... just maybe, the solution to your photo transfer project. Enjoy this special issue!



SCHMETZ Needle Fact - Copy & Paste into Your Own Newsletter or Blog!


A Brief History of the Sewing Machine Needle

It is a little known fact that the needle was one of humankind's first tools. Over the centuries it developed from a simple craft item to the precision tool for modern sewing machines, constantly adapted for new industrial applications and requirements. Its use in sewing today does not stop at garments and furnishings, but is equally important for car seats and airbags meeting high technical safety standards. The needle has played a major part in the development of our civilization and our standard of living.


Click HERE for the full article.




Barbara is selling samples!


Perfect timing for the holidays. Unique jackets make a delightful gift. The calorie-free cupcake pincushions are adorable and will fit in Christmas stockings.


Samples are selling briskly so order today.


Crawford Designs

"Sewing Made Simple" Patterns


Barbara Crawford



Patterns, Fashions, Zippers,

Techniques, Kits, Notions, Wools,

Classes and So Much More!




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Issue 45

Susanne Miller Jones

Issue 44

Rob Appell

Issue 43

Annie Unrein


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March 24-26, 2018

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