August 2016


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August is my favorite month for sewing. The air conditioner whirls away the hot and muggy triple digit summer temperatures. Or if luck steps in, I open the windows letting unexpected breezes softly billow the curtain sheers. These are delightful memories of August past. This month is different.


Last week I finished the backing to a quilt and sent it out to be quilted. My trusty sewing machine is packed and ready for an annual cleaning. But this time, I will not readily set up the machine. My husband and I have decided to relocate. Our adorable and cheerful house is for sale. The great news is I get to keep my job. Thanks Jerry! I have discovered sewing and presenting a house to sell is not a good mix, so August 2016 is my month of exploration in my sewing room. Enjoy this month of summer sewing!

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SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #30


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Nancy Mahoney has to be the hardest working women in the quilting industry. Nancy's paper piecing techniques remove the mystery to sewing upside down & backwards. Paper piecing is fun & addictive and Nancy's techniques shorten the learning curve. Her instructions are succinct, understandable and heighten paper piecing. Save yourself hours of paper picking time in front of the TV, and learn from the best. Nancy has an aggressive teaching schedule. My hope is that you take one of Nancy's classes from your local quilt shop or enroll in her upcoming #learntopaperpiecequiltalong. Enjoy . . . Click Here!



Classic Sewing Magazine, Autumn 2016



School is just around the corner. Celebrate a new season of fall learning with clothing fit for formal and informal classrooms. This issue includes the pattern for the cover worthy adorable London Square Coat, by Ellie Inspired. Buy at your local shop.


Eazy Peazy Necessitiez



Margaret Travis does it again. Bare Necessitiez is the ideal crossbody or shoulder bag for tweens, teens and even adults. The pattern is fat quarter friendly, fun and Eazy Peazy! Buy at your local shop.


Whether you quilt, sew or craft I am curious to know your one "must have" tool. Of course, I already know SCHMETZ is your favorite needle brand, but what about your favorite sewing tool? My favorite tool is a brass stiletto that I have had for years. I am very protective about it and ALWAYS know its location. The point helps secure fabric to the machine foot after a pin is removed. Plus when quilting, I run the stiletto point under pressed seams that are face down to avoid dogged eared seams assuring a smooth stitch line before needle penetration.

Click the link below for our quick and simple survey. In return, your name will be entered into a random giveaway. Please include your email address in the body of your answer so we can contact you if your entry is drawn. My stash of sewing goodies has been growing and over the next few months will be doing more giveaways, so stay tuned. Favorite Tool Survey


Have you read these back issues?

SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW?

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SCHMETZ Stretch Needles vs. Jersey Needles


What are the differences between Stretch and Jersey needles?

The eye of the Stretch needle is shorter and narrower. The scarf of the Stretch needle is deeper.
Both features help prevent skipped stitches. Stretch and Jersey needles have a medium ballpoint.

Rule of Thumb

Use Stretch needles on stretchy fabrics especially those with elastic, Lycra, Spandex.
Use Jersey needles on knits. Sometimes, but not always, Stretch & Jersey needles are
interchangeable. Test with sample stitches before starting a new project.


Stretch: 75/11, 90/14
Jersey: 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16


SCHMETZ App - Android/Apple Versions

Wondering which needle to use? Wonder no more because there's an App for that! That's right ... and it's free! Available for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.


SCHMETZ needles are easy to identify! Most needles have two bands of color - the top band to identify needle type and the lower band to identify size. The Universal needle has just one band of color for size. Yahoo!


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