August 2017

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What do you get when two Grabbit Magnetic Pincushions get together? Mini Grabbits . . . Triplets in fact!

What happens when a Mini Grabbit and a BobbinSaver meet up? They marry into little sewing spaceships collecting your bobbins and pins. Sew adorable!

Yes, I am having fun with these little sewing essentials and you can too. Mini Grabbits are available at local shops.

Sew SCHMETZ & Grabbit Too!


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Rhonda has been having a lot of fun with Mini Grabbits

and BobbinSavers. Do outer space creatures sew too?


Weeks Ringle & Bill Kerr


SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #42

Archived now at


Weeks Ringle recently gave an eye-opening and colorful lecture at Nancy's Notions Sewing Weekend. She shared quilts, inspiration and life messages. Weeks spoke about living with intention, a powerful and guiding force that drives personal and creative decisions. She spoke about the quilts that she creates with Bill Kerr, her husband and partner, as "quilts reflective of the time they live." Weeks and Bill are pioneers of the Modern Quilt Movement. They want not to just make quilts, but to have a great time with pattern and design. Enjoy! Click Here!


3" Diameter


Available now at local quilt shops and machine dealers.

New mini magnetic Grabbit Pincushions!

So stinkin' cute and with a bonus . . .

They fit inside the Grabbit BobbinSaver.


Thanks for the real world pic, Teri!


Teri Lucas, Community Editor, Generation Q Magazine

& Teri Lucas Quilts.

SCHMETZ Professsional Grade Chrome Needles

Why Chrome?
- Less friction on thread passing through eye -
- Penetrates fabric with less resistance -
- Smoother stitch creation -
- Resists heat - improved durability & performance -
- A premium needle not available in big box stores -

Available now at local quilt shops & machine dealers.

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Sewing Machine Needles Don't Last Forever.


The needle is not a permanent machine part.

Needles get dull from use. Needles are meant to be changed.

Clue it's Time to Change the Needle

- Damaged or broken threads -

- Skipped stitches -

- Puckered or damaged fabrics -

- Wiggly squiggly seams -

- Popping, clicking or clunking sound -

We're Happy!


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